Passionate about printmaking and its limitless cultural potential, Taller de Grabado Chapultepec is a space devoted to creation, experimentation, curating, marketing, and sales of the very best in Mexican prints.


Artists from all over Mexico have worked at Taller de Grabado Chapultepec, whose collection of prints now includes thousands of works.

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A: Gilberto Aceves Navarro / Ximena Alarcón / Ignacio Aldana  B: Humberto Baca C: Toño Camuñas / Alberto Castro Leñero / Miguel Castro Leñero / Alejandro Colunga  E: Pedro Escapa  F: Jonathan Farr / Ernestro Flores / José Fors  G: Cecilia García Amaro / Gil Garea  H: Enrique HernándezLourdes Huber  K: Dan Kent  M: Juan Carlos Macías / Gabriel Macotela / Eduardo Mejorada / Leyre Federika Montes / Francisco Morales / Luis Moro  O: Enrique Oroz  R: Ana Luisa Rébora / Diego Rodarte  S: Rocío Sáenz / Cecilia Santos / Pablo Serna  T: Roberto Turnbull  U: Jerónimo Uribe  Z: Benito Zamora


Etching / Aquatint / Etching & Aquatint mixSoft varnish / Burin / Photoengraving / Lithography / Drypoint / Serigraphy / WoodcutChine collèBlack wood engraving



About us

Founded in 2004 and partnered since 2010 with the Centro Cultural EXIM, the space is coordinated by artists Humberto Baca and Cecilia Santos. It has established itself as a flashpoint for printmaking in Mexico through its residencies and exhibitions, its production of unique works and series, and its numerous collaborations with other artists at the local, national, and international level. Intent on exploring and experimenting with all aspects of printmaking, Taller de Grabado Chapultepec is now one of the largest and most important centers for the production and sale of printed art in Mexico.

Photo: Cecilia Santos


A Little Bit of History (since Torre de los Grillos)

In 2000 Cornelio García, Humberto Baca, Carmen Bordes, Sergio Garval, Juan Carlos Macías, Héctor Navarro, Luis Valsoto, and Gil Garea decided to rent an old house in the Capilla de Jesús neighborhood of Guadalajara where they could work together. This was the origin of the legendary Torre de los Grillos (Crickets’ Tower), a physical space where artists of widely differing styles, schools, ages, and interests came together.

The Crickets’ Tower was a hotbed of artistic creation, responsible for a large part of the experimental work in the field of the visual arts in Guadalajara, born among the groaning of the presses and the buzz of midafternoon conversation. The artists trained there would soon be recognized in Guadalajara and all over Mexico and the prints they created would be gathered into some remarkable collections. From the Crickets’ Tower there emerged a reappraisal of Mexican graphic art and the impulse for a new wave of collectors, admirers, and champions of the luminous technique of printmaking.

As his workload grew, Humberto Baca decided to look for a new space, and later accepted the invitation of the Centro Cultural EXIM to create a new printmaking project. This was the origin of Taller de Grabado Chapultepec, a space with an important historical precedent in the culture of Guadalajara.

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